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Treaty of Redwood, a retrospective

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Over half a year ago, a historic treaty between Mekniy and Lurk was signed in Redwood, the former capital of Lurk...
Treaty of Redwood

RAVENSBURG, 20th of February 2020

Over half a year ago, a historic treaty between Mekniy and Lurk was signed in Redwood, the former capital of Lurk. The treaty was a product of several years of cooperation and friendship between the signatories, which culminated in their eventual union, creating the state of Mekniy-Lurk.

The treaty was signed on the 14th of August 2021 at a diplomatic event in Redwood. The ceremonies started around 10 in the morning, after the two-person delegation from Mekniy arrived. Pleasantries and gifts were exchanged, followed by a lengthy discussion of micronationalism, local history of Redwood and future plans. Flags of both Lurk and Mekniy-Lurk were raised, unfortunately without the sound of the national anthems of either. Shortly after, lunch was served, the quality of which was praised by the Mekniyan delegation.

Following this, a tour of the local area was provided to the visiting delegation. An extensive exploration of the local park, during which several future projects relating to the federal postal service, e-government service and banknotes were discussed. The tour concluded by visiting the house of the then-PM of Czechia, but unfortunately, he was not at his residence.

Near the end of the day, the treaty was finally signed by Mekniy’s Mēk and Alex White, the former president of Lurk. The day concluded with lowering of the flags and departure of the Mekniyan delegation. Several hours later at midnight, the Noble Republic of Lurk ceased to exist, and a new nation of Mekniy-Lurk was born.

Lurk was guaranteed self-governance, right to own language and symbols. Lurkish laws were presented to a special senate committee for review, some of which may still be adopted on a federal level, since Mekniy did not have many codified laws or Lurkish laws were far more extensive.

Lurk’s integration has been without any issue, and several common projects are already underway or were finished. Monthly meetings between high level Lurkish and Mekniyan officials are commonplace now. Overall, the integration has been a net benefit for both countries involved.

Shortly before signing of the treaty
Flag of Mekniy-Lurk flying in Redwood

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