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Provisional administration claims full sovereingty over Duck Islands

3 min read
Podpis Prohlášení o úpravě statusu Kachních ostrovů

New year brought, along with many various changes, a major shift in a small archipelago of the Duck Islands. Dusk Islands had been a county of the Posafian province of Nievenorte since November 2019 until this year, from 21 August 2021 on have the islands controlled by a self-declared provisional adimistration headed by former Nievenorte premier Tomáš Falešník. Shortly after the midnight on 1 January, the provisional administration published the Declaration of adjustment of the status of the Duck Islands.

The provisional administration was declared in the Duck Islands after last form of contact with the Posafian government, established following the events of 2020, ceased to existed with deletion of Principality’s Discord server. Communication within Posaf was however limited even before August, with the Duck Islands recieving minimal information from outside the provinces of Nievenorte and Asiata. Despite the proclamation of the provisional administration occuring without any prior notice, it soon achieved full support within the Duck Islands (registering two Posafian citizens). As 2021 went on, the situation in Posaf did not seem to be closer to resolution. Tomáš Falešník therefore began preparing alternate solution, contrary to his previous statement that he intends to return all powers claimed by the provisional administration back to the respective institutions.

On 1 January, shortly after midnight, Falešník on behalf of the provisional administration signed the Declaration of adjustment of the status of the Duck Islands. With this declaration, Duck Islands recognized the Principality pf Posaf and its government as defunct, and passed a number of other measures, including for example repeal of all Posafian laws except for those defining the territory of the former county. As part of the declaration, Falešník also announced that the Duck Islands will still commemorate the Founders Day, fourth anniversary of Posafian independence, on 2 January, despite not being a part of Posaf. The provisional administration also implemented a short declaration few hours later, adopting new symbols of the Duck Islands.

This is the second time in history of Posaf, when its part gained independence. The first instance took place as part of the New Reich Crisis in May 2018, when Adalard Schneider, premier of the Neu Vaderland State, attempted to secede the state from Posaf. It then led to formation of Posafian judicial system and expulsion of Schneider from Posaf. Neu Vaderlands then became an independent micronation under the name Reich des Vaterlandes, which however did not exist for a long time. The event also later led to the United Bill in September, which banned provinces from declaring independence.

Even though the declaration made the provisional administration become a practically independent government of the Duck Islands, the administration never used the terms “state” or “independence” in the declarations when referring to the Duck Islands. The government of the Duchy of Firburg was the only institution that used the term, recongnizing the Duck Islands as an independent state by a decree shortly after the first declaration. No other micronation or sovereign state formally recongized the Duck Islands as independet. The Gymnasium State, another micronation that Tomáš Falešník is involved in, still recognizes the Principality of Posaf as independent as per the biltareal treaty between the two micronations.

The full Czech original of the Declaration of adjustment of the status of the Duck Islands can be read here.

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