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Mekniyan Broadcasting Servuce

The Ministry of Finance announces a monetary plan for Mekniy

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Finance Minister Rāvenssae Kaiji today announced a currency plan for Mekniy-Lurk. It’s been a week since the Senate passed the monetary law.

Mekniy will raise foreign currencies by issuing government bonds to all citizens who voluntarily contribute to projects. Government bonds will be in the state currency ₡ and will correspond to the set exchange rate to the foreign currency that the citizen invests in the project. The state will regularly repay interest in ₡, or the bond can be immediately sold back to the state at its nominal value, but without interest. In this way, the currency will spread among citizens and at the same time citizens will have an incentive to contribute to the function of the state. Other ways of obtaining Coronas will be an internal exchange between citizens and companies, or a reward for the work done

If some Mekniyan projects are evaluated, it will be possible to exchange part of the bonds or za back to the original currency that the citizen has entered into the project. Priority will be determined by the size of the contribution to the project so that those who have the highest investment share are paid out as soon as possible.

It is also planned to relaunch the transaction platform so that the currency can be exchanged between citizens on the state Discord and via the Internet platform.

Along with this plan, a plan was announced to compile the state budget for next year. Mekniyan current expenditures are in the nature of server operating expenditures and can be estimated at units of thousands of CZK per year and are paid mainly by Mēk, so it will be the first to receive government bonds.

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