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The UMSE Council met. The result is surprising.

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The Council of the Union of Micro-Nations of Central Europe (hereinafter referred to as UMSE) met again on Friday (December 4) evening. All Member States’ delegates arrived. There were 6 items on the agenda of the UMSE Council:

RUMSE20-28 on the acceptance of the Duchy of Firburg as an observer member – not accepted
RUMSE20-29 on the signing of the Treaty establishing the United Micro-Nations Organization in the Union of Central European Micro-Nations and its proposal to the United Micro-Nations Organization – adopted
RUMSE20-30 on the acceptance of the Free Kingdom of the Majer Dynasty as an observer member – accepted
RUMSE20-31 on the revocation of the membership of the Pistet Republic – accepted
RUMSE20-32 on the promotion of the Republic of Fyrinia to full membership – adopted
RUMSE20-33 on the promotion of the Duchy of Lusatia to full membership – accepted

There are currently 9 full members + Cybistan and UMSE Snow Plains, but only 4 observers.

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