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Essexian Parliament ratifies Čechsexian constitution

2 min read

Yesterday evening, Essexian Parliament ratified the constitution of Čechsexia. It is the final step to Čechsexian self-governance.

Čechsexia was originally established on 26. 11. as an Essexian province on the territory of the Czech Republic after Essexia saw an increase of citizens of Czech origins, land that Čechsexia consists of was however part of Essexia since 2019. Establishment of the province was initiated by the Emperor of Essexia, Terry I, who instructed the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior to prepare necessary documents.

Čechsexian province however did not last long. Act that established it was repealed two days later, and was replaced by the Čechsexia Act. Čechsexia was established as an autonomous Crown Dependency, relying on the federal government in foreign affairs, defence and few economic provisions. František Schrodinger, the only Czech Essexian MP, commented the Act: “This is a joyous day for the Czech people of Essexia. We finally have our own voice, our own identity, and our own country.” Emperor Terry later appointed Tomáš Falešník, Czech micronationalist best known as a politician in the Gymnasium State, as the Crown Prince.

For the first time since 2019, Essexia admitted another entity into the Commonwealth, which led to different reactions among mainland Essexian. Most notably, The Essexian Post commented passing of the Act “It seems then, that (…) Essexia once again has engaged with colonialism – this time on less favorable terms, as it submits to the demands of (…) a national movement that is fiercely patriotic and skeptical towards the Essexian regime.”

On 1 December, the Crown Prince submitted, via MP Schrodinger, the draft for Čechsexian constitution to the Essexian Parliament, however an issue arose – Čechsexia Act originally suggested Čechsexia has right to it’s own Parliament, which however was not possible under the Essexian constitution. After an proposal from Mikuláš Göth, the legislature of Čechsexia was renamed to the Pub. On 2 December at 17.14 CET called Schrodinger a vote to ratify the constitution, which was unanimously passed by seven out of nine MPs, the constitution then entered force at 21:34 CET by countersignature by the Emperor. The Crown Prince then declared the first Pub elections to take place on 13 December, and appointed Schrodinger as provisional Chief Minister.

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