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Compulsory Nissiian? The senate met on Sunday

2 min read

Yeoju, Mekniy-Lurk

The second session of the senate was opened by the governor of the senate at 20:00. A total of seven out of ten senators were present. The first item on the agenda was an overview and approval of government regulations. The government did not issue any regulations, so the point was skipped. This was followed by a point on the discussion of draft laws. A total of 5 laws were proposed, one of which was a constitutional amendment. The proposals were as follows:

  • Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of Mekniy and Lurk
    • Senator Ian Bing-den’s proposal transfers the power to appoint ministers to the prime minister. The proposal was accepted.
  • Act on the Promotion of National Identity
    • Mēk proposed a law to protect and promote national identity. After a long debate, the proposal was modified to a milder version of the law without penalties. The law mandates translations into all official languages ​​in some contexts.
  • Act Abolishing Congress
    • The bill was proposed by Senator Erik Hab-den. The law alone was not passed this evening because Congress is not mentioned in the current constitution.
  • District Act
    • The bill was proposed by Senator Naemal Pxal-den. The law stipulates that the claimed territory of the states is not considered to be administered by the state if no registered citizen lives in this territory.
  • Currency Act
    • The law proposed by the Ministry of Finance was submitted by Senate Governor Siwil Ara-den. The law determines the official currency of the state and assigns the powers associated with monetary policy to the Federal Reserve Bank.

The meeting closed at 22:42 after a short free debate and the timing of the next meeting, which would take place on 13 December 2020.

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