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Mekniyan Broadcasting Servuce

Representatives of micro-nations are responding to the Punjabom Declaration

1 min read

The reaction to today’s declaration at the Inter-Korean Summit was not waiting. One of the first reactions came from Mekniy, which is looking for its origin on the Korean Peninsula. The head of state, mēk Naemal Namul-den, expressed his support for the peace talks, saying that “the unification of Korea is important for the Mekniy and Mekniyans.” Shortly afterwards, the city of Pakve was renamed New Seoul and flags were flown.

A somewhat more restrained reaction came from Lurk, where the president expressed his support for the negotiations, but that the written agreements must also be turned into deeds. He hopes that these negotiations will lead to the unification of the people of the two countries and a reduction in tensions in the region.

The latest reaction came from the West Bohemian Republic, which officially supports peace negotiations and considers denuclerization and the improvement of relations to be a very important goal.

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